Shiken 20.1 (June 2016)

Shiken is the peer-reviewed publication of JALT's TEVAL SIG. Shiken aims to publish articles concerning language assessment issues relevant to classroom practitioners and language program administrators.

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Errata: An uncorrected proof of Dr. Jenifer Larson-Hall's article was inadvertently posted, but has been replaced with the corrected version.

Table of contents

1. Fluency awareness as a way to increase speaking ability in a first-year college level English class

Jenifer Larson-Hall
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12. A critique of the Grade 2 EIKEN test reading section: Analysis and suggestions

Christopher Plumb and Daita Watanabe
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18. An interview with JD Brown

Jeffrey Durand
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21. Statistics Corner: Characteristics of sound mixed methods research

James Dean Brown
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25. Call for Papers (November 2016 issue)

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