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TEVAL 2022-2023 Officers

Officers of the Testing & Evaluation SIG are elected for one year terms of office at the TEVAL SIG Annual General Meeting at the JALT Annual Conference. Newletter Reviewers are appointed and serve for a mutually agreed time frame.


Edward Schaefer

Program Chair

Jeffrey Martin

Membership Chair

Robert Edick


Junko Sekine

Publications Chair

Benjamin Sanchez Murillo - Publications Co-chair
Heather Woodward - Publications Co-chair

Newsletter Reviewers

Aaron Hahn, Jeff Durand, Jeff Hubbell, Keita Kikuchi, Rie Koizumi, J. Lake, Ed Schaefer, James Sick, Jean-Pierre Richard


Peter O'Keefe

Officers At Large

Trevor Holster (Former Publications Chair)

Jeff Hubbell, Jonathon Trace, Bill Stoeckel, Steven Bohme, and Louis Lui