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全国語学教育学会 試験と評価研究部会
The Japan Association for Language Teaching Testing & Evaluation Special Interest Group

JALT's Testing & Evaluation SIG was established in 1996 with these goals:

  • To publish and distribute a regular newsletter with articles related to foreign language testing and evaluation.
  • To provide a venue for participants to exchange information about research and discuss testing-related concerns.
  • To organize local, regional, as well as national events under the auspices of JALT.
  • To ensure regular ties with the affiliates of other professional organizations such as TESOL, JLTA and ILTA which have common interests and goals.
  • To host a range of activities at the annual JALT conferences.
  • To establish a comprehensive testing & evaluation database that will serve as a resource for research as well as practical classroom use.

More information about JALT, our parent organization, can be found on

For a great look at TEVAL's past and present, see Dr. David Allen's recent article "Shiken: Past and Future".