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How to Join the Testing & Evaluation SIG

Statistics Corner book coverAs part of their membership fees, all current and new TEVAL SIG members receive a copy of Statistics Corner: Questions and Answers about Language Testing Statistics (340 pages), written by James Dean Brown, and published by the TEVAL SIG (November 2016). This volume brings together forty-one Statistics Corner columns -- updated, arranged thematically, and fully indexed. Presented in a question and answer format, the clear and concise explanations about language testing and statistics are both accessible to novices and engaging to experts.

Non-JALT members

All SIG (Special Interest Group) members must be members of JALT. You can join JALT and the TEVAL SIG at the same time on the JALT National website (VISA, MasterCard & JCB/AmEx credit cards accepted). You can join one SIG for free as part of your JALT membership fee. You can join additional SIGs for 2,000 yen each at the time you pay your JALT membership fee, or any time after. However, please note that all SIG memberships expire at the same time your JALT membership expires.

JALT members

You can join the TEVAL SIG on the JALT National website (VISA, MasterCard & JCB/AmEx credit cards accepted). (Please note that your SIG membership expiration is the same day as your national membership expiration.) If you prefer to not use a credit card online, please see the next section.

If you're a JALT Member in Japan (who doesn't want to join online)

  1. Go to any post office and request a postal transfer form. In Japanese, this is known as a yubin furikae youshi (郵便振り替え用紙)*.
  2. Remit the correct amount to the JALT Postal Account. The number of that account is:
  3. Yokohama 00290-1-70903.

  4. Be sure to indicate your full mailing address, phone, and fax.
  5. The Central Office will process your application within two weeks and you will start receiving JALT publications within six weeks.
  6. * This form is also included on the back page of The Language Teacher, JALT's bimonthly magazine.

    NOTE: Another way to join JALT is via the Testing & Evaluation SIG Treasurer at the Annual JALT Conference.

If you're a JALT Member Outside of Japan (who doesn't want to join online)

  1. First, check your JALT membership to see when it expires. The best time join the Testing & Evaluation SIG is when you renew your JALT membership: give you a full 12 months in the SIG.
  2. Mail an international postal order for 2000 yen PLUS your the amount you normally pay for your JALT Membership directly to the JALT Central Office at this address:
  3. Urban Edge Building 5th Floor
    1-37-9 Taito Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-1106

    Be sure to indicate that you would like to join the this SIG and also indicate your membership category in a letter accompanying your postal order.

  4. Indicate your complete mailing address, phone, and fax, and type of membership you want.
  5. Your application will be processed within four weeks and you'll start receiving JALT publications within eight weeks.
  6. NOTE: At this time the Central Office cannot accept personal checks. Payment must be in Japanese yen.