SRB 16.1 (May 2012)

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Shiken Research Bulletin 16(1)

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SRB Editor

Foreword (p. 1)

John Eidswick

A Bayesian alternative to null hypothesis significance testing (pp. 2-14)

Jeffrey Stewart

Does IRT Provide more sensitive measures of latent traits in statistical tests? An empirical examination (pp. 15-22)

Greg Wheeler

The akahon publications: Their appeal and copyright concerns (pp. 23-26)

James Dean Brown

Statistics Corner: What do distributions, assumptions, significance vs. meaningfulness, multiple statistical tests, causality, and null results have in common? (pp. 27-32)

Aaron Olaf Batty

Software Corner: jMetrik 2.1 (pp. 33-41)

SRB Editor

Upcoming Language Testing Events / Back Matter (p. 42)

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